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MK Prescribing News

October 2019

CCG Prescribing Group
4th September 2019

We welcomed Dr Margaret Field to the group.

  • CNWL representatives came to discuss shared care for long acting atypical depot injections. It was agreed to go ahead with a pilot in one PCN and feedback outcomes.
  • We discussed the availability of Gluten Free foods on NHS prescription at the request of HealthWatch. We agreed to strengthen the information on the CCG website to aid patients and circulate posters again. The current guidance on IFR applications remains.
  • The latest version of SMBG guidance and guidance on use of safety needles was approved and will be circulated to practices.
  • The group approved an updated version of the azithromycin PIL for patients with bronchiectasis.
Milton Keynes Prescribing Advisory Group (MKPAG)
24th July 2019
  • An update to the Lithium shared care protocol was approved.
  • Fluticasone nasules were added to the formulary as Amber 1(specialist recommendation) for nasal polyps only.
  • Accrete D3 chewable was added as a once a day product for patients with compliance issues on BD dosing (NB Adcal D3 remains as preferred choice)
  • The latest NHSE Low Value guidance was noted and is being taken to hospital clinicians for discussion and information so that they do not ask GPs to prescribe these items.

Minutes of MKPAG and CCG Prescribing Group meetings can be found on the formulary website:

The Pharmaceutical Advisers can be contacted on 01908 278 744 or 01908 278 713 or speak to your neighbourhood pharmacist.

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