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June 2019

CCG Prescribing Group

The May meeting was cancelled and the next meeting will be held on July 3rd 2019.
One of the topics for discussion will be whether the membership of Prescribing Group should change to reflect Primary Care Networks.

Current GP membership covers East Milton Keynes (Dr Sivills), The Bridge (Dr Mohri), Network 3 (Dr Fagan) and South West (Dr Simpson). If any GPs would like to represent Cluster 4 or the Watling Street Network, please get in touch with Janet Corbett.

Milton Keynes Prescribing Advisory Group (MKPAG)
May 22nd 2019
  • Revised COPD Guidance was approved and is being circulated. It will also be covered in the PLT session for Respiratory leads in September.
  • Melatonin for new onset delirium – approved for hospital use only – they will supply “complete course” of 14 days as TTO. It should not be necessary for GPs to continue the prescription after discharge.
  • Semglee approved as a biosimilar for insulin glargine – new initiations only for now ORx Amber 1
  • Semaglutide added to the formulary
  • Aymes ActaGain 2.4 Complete maxi, Aymes Shake Smoothie, Amyes savoury and Aymes Shake compact were approved. Amyes ActaGain 2.4 may be helpful for care home residents as it is a low volume, once a day product.

Minutes of MKPAG and CCG Prescribing Group meetings can be found on the formulary website:

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Prescribing News June 2019

The Pharmaceutical Advisers can be contacted on 01908 278 744 or 01908 278 713 or speak to your neighbourhood pharmacist.

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