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January 2020

CCG Prescribing Group
6th November 2019
  • Potential targets for the 2020/21 Prescribing Incentive Scheme were discussed.
  • Eye screening for patients on hydroxychloroquine was raised – please see item on Page 4.
  • The continuing problems with the formulary website were noted. Work is underway to establish a new platform for the formulary. We will let you know when it is up and running.
  • The Group discussed a report on OptimiseRx acceptance. Acceptance of Red messages (hospital only medicines) is only about 50%. This means that the CCG is charged for medicines instead of NHS England. Please make every effort to accept these messages and refer prescribing back to the hospital.
Milton Keynes Prescribing Advisory Group (MKPAG)
27th November 2019
  • Revised antimicrobial guidance was approved.  This was circulated at the beginning of December.
  • Agreement was reached for the use of lidocaine patches (see later).
  • Solifenacin was added to the formulary for second line use in LUTS.
  • A Patient Information Leaflet on the use of azithromycin in bronchiectasis was agreed.
  • Fentanyl immediate release buccal tablets were reclassified as Amber 3 – only to be prescribed at the request of Palliative Care services once the patient has been stabilised on an appropriate dose.

Minutes of MKPAG and CCG Prescribing Group meetings can be found on the formulary website:

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Prescribing News Jan 2020

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