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MK Prescribing News

April 2019

CCG Prescribing Group
March 6th 2019

The Group discussed the following key points:-

  • Finalised details of Prescribing Incentive Scheme 2019-20
  • Support for practices to stop “third party ordering of repeats”
  • Recommendation that practices identify a Prescribing Lead to ensure important medicines messages are cascaded within the practice. This will contribute to meeting CQC expectations too.
  • Three members of the group have resigned as they no longer work in MK. Aarti Shah, Nadia Emmony and Geena Kirpalani were thanked for their services.
Milton Keynes Prescribing Advisory Group (MKPAG)
March 27th 2019
  • The updated Empirical Guidance on the Management of Infection in Primary care was approved. It has been circulated to practices.
  • A position statement on rectal foams was agreed. The first line choice is Budesonide enema 2mg/dose rectal foam (and not prednisolone rectal foam (previously known as Predfoam))
  • Shared care protocols for methotrexate in IBD and apomorphine in Parkinson’s Disease were updated and can be found on the formulary website.
  • Vitamin D guidance has been updated to incorporate some new strengths of InVita D3 and guidance on use in pregnancy and breastfeeding.(See formulary website)

Minutes of MKPAG and CCG Prescribing Group meetings can be found on the formulary website:

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Prescribing News April 2019

The Pharmaceutical Advisers can be contacted on 01908 278 744 or 01908 278 713 or speak to your neighbourhood pharmacist.

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