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Number: 3 | March 20

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Focus on ScriptSwitch
The Respimat® reusable inhaler


Focus On ScriptSwitch

ScriptSwitch Provides:

ScriptSwitch is a prescribing decision support tool that is imbedded into SystmOne and managed by the Medicines Optimisation Team

Safe, evidence-based, quality prescribing
ScriptSwitch enables medicines management teams to deliver the latest guidance aligned to local and national best evidence practice.

Cost-effective prescription alternatives
Quality, clinical and cost saving opportunities are displayed at the point of prescribing within the ScriptSwitch pop-up.

Driving adherence to local formulary
ScriptSwitch offers medicines management teams the opportunity and flexibility to author local content for adherence to local formulary, guidance and protocols.

Effective interventions
The information messages and switches displayed to prescribers are locally authored so they are appropriate to the local patient population. Teams can easily update the recommendation profile via a web-based tool and any updates are silently distributed to all member practices expeditiously.

How it Works:

  • Switches can be accepted with a single click, minimising workflow disruption via an intuitive interface.
  • On accepting a recommendation, the clinical system is re-populated with the new prescription details but still requires a final review by the prescriber, maintaining clinical freedom at all times.
  • Prescribers can provide direct feedback to profile authors on content, facilitating a multidisciplinary approach.

Do you have ScriptSwitch enabled on your computer? If not either speak with your Practice Manager/IT lead or call the ScriptSwitch Helpdesk on 024 7621 4700.
If you would like to give feedback regarding a ScriptSwitch message use the feedback button.

The Respimat® reusable inhaler

You are now able to prescribe a Respimat® reusable inhaler.

In the first instance, prescribe a Respimat® reusable inhaler and one cartridge for existing and newly initiated patients. For months 2 – 6, the inhaler can be used with up to five additional refill cartridges. After the inhaler has been used with six cartridges, prescribe a new reusable inhaler and one cartridge.

There is now a larger dose indicator that clearly displays number of doses remaining and the clear base automatically detaches when cartridge is to be replaced. In addition, the inhaler label has check-boxes to track the number of cartridges used.

This inhaler is propellant-free and due to only needing two per year, reduces the plastic waste.

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Monthly prescribing practice reports are now available on TeamNet. Log in to see the most up to date data.

For further advice on any of the drugs/issues highlighted in this newsletter, please contact your Medicines Management Team: Tel 01525 624375. E-mail

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