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Number: 4 | June 2020

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Eye drops

Team News

Prescribing Incentive Scheme Rewards

Website Development

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The Medicines Optimisation Team have been continually working to provide prescribing information and advice bulletins during this time. These can be found on GP Ref or via MicroGuide

If further clarification is needed please mail the team on the generic email at the bottom of this newsletter. A member of the team will respond.

Eye Drops

VitA-Pos has been rebranded!    It is still showing on repeat lists as VitA-Pos and will need to be switched in order to process a prescription. The alternative cost effective choice is HydraMed Night.

Generic Carbomer (Blumont) has been rebranded! This has been automatically changed to Ocufresh. Please review patient and assess whether this should now be self-care. Switch to the cost effective choice of Clinitas Carbomer if continuing to issue on prescription.

The Prescribing Incentive Scheme indicator for Dry Eye Treatments has now started. If you require any assistance with this, please contact the team. However, please note that most of us are currently working from home so are not able to send letters out to patients to advise them of switches or transferring to self-care.

Dry Eye prescribing guidelines can be found Click here

Easy Wins?? – switch the items of higher value that have been recommended by Ophthalmology. These would be Hylo-Forte to HydraMed multi and Hylo-Tear to VIZhyal.

Team News

We are pleased to welcome Sue Marchant back as the COVID support pharmacist in Ivel North PCN. She can be contacted either through her previous NHS email or through the team email at the end of this newsletter.

Throughout the period of “lockdown” team members have been busy supporting GP practices and the wider NHS. This has included deployment into the Trusts, COVID-19 swabbing, IPC training in care homes, clinical medication reviews, care home medication reviews, delivering medication to patients’ homes and working within the dispensaries of Dispensing Doctors.

There has also been increased collaboration within the BLMK Medicines Optimisation Teams as we move towards the merging of the CCGs. Some examples have included the production of joint clinical (medicine-related) guidelines relating to COVID 19 and Care Home/End of Life support and policies.

We are now working towards “business as usual” within the constraints of “lockdown”. The Prescribing Committee Meeting is due to go ahead on 23rd June and the JPC on 1st July. Details will be circulated out in the usual way.

Prescribing Incentive Scheme Rewards

As we move from one financial year to the next we thought it might be useful to share how incentive scheme rewards have been spent in the past.  Points for 19/20 will be finalised at the June Prescribing Committee meeting and the money will be available to claim until 28.02.2022.

To be reimbursed from this award, please send the invoice for the item and proof of payment, along with a claim form to  If you need any further information, including what can and cannot be claimed, please contact Samantha.

Website Development

Work is still carrying on with the new website.  The deployment of CCG staff due to Covid19 has meant we have decided to delay the launch to September.  GPRef and Microguide will of course be updated regularly.  If you have any suggestions for resources you would like to be available online, please let Samantha Scholes know.

Useful Links

Bedfordshire and Luton Joint Formulary
Care Home Medicines Management information can be found here
Joint Prescribing Committee newsletters can be accessed here
Care Home newsletters can be accessed here

Monthly prescribing practice reports are now available on TeamNet. Log in to see the most up to date data.

For further advice on any of the drugs/issues highlighted in this newsletter, please contact your Medicines Management Team: Tel 01525 624375. E-mail

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