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APC Bulletin

Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Area Prescribing Committee

Ref: APC Bulletin 298
Bulletin Date: 03/05/22
Review Date: Sept 2024

Thuasne ActionReliever® Off-loadingKnee Brace for Osteoarthritis

APC Recommendations:

The BLMK APC ratified the EoEPAC bulletin and the following recommendations relating to the Thuasne ActionReliever® Off-loading Knee Brace for Knee Osteoarthritis:-

Not recommended for prescribing in primary care.
o Routine use of Thuasne ActionReliever® off-loading knee brace is not recommended.
o It may have a limited place in therapy for some patients including those where surgery is contraindicated. However, fitting and support from a trained orthotist or physiotherapist or otherspecialist healthcare professional is essential to ensure maximum benefit is achieved.
o If after specialist consultation, Thuasne ActionReliever® off-loading knee brace is considered to be the best option for the patient, it should be supplied by a Specialist or secondary care clinic as part of the activity costs.

Additional Information:

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