JPC Bulletin

Bedfordshire and Luton Joint Prescribing Committee

Ref: JPC Bulletin 291
Bulletin Date: 11/12/20
Review Date: September 2023

Melatonin (Slenyto®) 1mg and 5mg prolonged-release tablets.

JPC Recommendations:


The JPC committee supported the EoEPAC Guidance statement and recommendations :-

  • Commissioning of melatonin (Slenyto®) for the treatment of insomnia in children and adolescents aged 2 to 18 years with autism spectrum disorder and/or Smith-Magenis syndrome, where sleep hygiene measures have been insufficient, is not recommended as the case for cost effectiveness has not been proven.
  • Off label use for any other indication is not recommended.

These recommendations with be reviewed in the light of new evidence on cost effectiveness.

See full EoEPAC bulletin for more details


Additional Information:

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