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JPC Bulletin

Bedfordshire and Luton Joint Prescribing Committee

Ref: JPC Bulletin 290
Bulletin Date: 29/10/20
Review Date: Sept 2023

Melatonin – Choice of Preparation (NB Oct 2021) – this bulletin is currently in the process of being updated – for up to date information , please contact the medicine optimisation team

JPC Recommendations:

JPC Recommendation:-

The JPC endorsed the Choice of Melatonin bulletin produced by East London Foundation Trust. The gives an update on recently licensed melatonin products with the aim to provide prescribers with a guide on what can be prescribed. These recommendations relate to use in new patients (see attached PDF bulletin for full details).

First line choice is Circadin® (melatonin m/r 2 mg tablets) with an unlicensed oral suspension 10mg/5ml (Sugar free/alcohol free and propylene glycol free) as an alternative for patients who cannot use the tablets. This product replaces the 5mg/5mL oral suspension in the shared care guideline which had been updated to reflect this.

Prescribers are requested to prescribe the oral suspension as follows:-
Melatonin 10mg/5ml oral suspension


Not Recommended:-
Slenyto® (Melatonin prolonged release) 2mg/5mg tablets are not recommended for use in either primary or secondary care as the preparation is not deemed cost-effective. (See also Bulletin 291, EoE PAC* recommendations on the use of Slenyto®)
The Colonis® preparations (licensed for the short term treatment of jet lag in adults) are not recommended for use as the summary of product characteristics states that they should not be used in children and adolescents due to safety and efficacy concerns. In addition, the oral solution contains propylene glycol and sorbitol as excipients which may be potentially problematic when used in children.

Additional Information:

Please note this bulletin is attached for reference purposes and is currently is currently in the process of being update (oct 2021)

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