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JPC Bulletin

Bedfordshire and Luton Joint Prescribing Committee

Ref: JPC Bulletin 293
Bulletin Date: 14/01/21
Review Date: Dec 2023

Insulin Lyumjev® :- a new analogue formulation of insulin lispro

JPC Recommendations:


Insulin Lyumjev® (Lilly) :-


This is a new analogue insulin formulation of insulin lispro. It is formulated to be faster acting.


JPC Recommendation (based on the recommendations from the Diabetic Sub group):-


  • The JPC supported the use of Insulin Lyumjev® as a treatment option for the same group of patients as Fiasp® with the exception that Insulin Lyumjev® is for adult patients only.


Click here to see the Fiasp® criteria

Additional Information:

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