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Shared Care Guideline

Treatment of Gender Dysphoria in Adults Assigned Female at Birth Transitioning to a Masculine Gender Identity

Guideline added to website on: 02/12/21
Last modified on: 19/04/22
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Tags: dysphoria, female, gender, male, transgender, transmasculine

NB: Prescribers should consult the local formulary for guidance on individual drug choices

This version of the shared care guideline has been written by the Gender Identity Clinic (GIC - Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust) and last updated January 2022. This version has been ratified by the BLMK APC for local use March 2022. . Please note that if using the GIC website directly, that is an external website and therefore it may be updated independently by the GIC at anytime -To access further GP support and the most upto date version of the scg , visit the Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) website

Click here to access GP support page on Gender Identity Clinic’ s website
Click here to access the National clinical screening information for Transgender people


GPs and other healthcare professionals can contact the GIC directly to request further information around hormone monitoring and management :
Telephone: 020 8938 7369

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