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Pharmaceutical Reps

Pharmaceutical Reps

Process for Pharmaceutical Representatives

If you wish to discuss a product with the Medicines Management Team, you will be required to complete the online form below, or download a version and email it back to the Medicines Management Team at

** Please note no appointments will be made until we have received this information**

Download the form here or fill it out online below.

1) What products does the pharmaceutical sales representative wish to discuss? (Please be specific)

3) How is this product more effective than the current product in use? Include the clinical and quality benefits to the patients of Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes.

4) How does the price compare with similar products?

5) What additional information do you have to enable the team to make an informed decision?

If the papers you require are not here, please contact the Medicines Management Team: or 01525 624 375

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