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Formulary Requests

To submit a Joint Formulary Request please complete one of the following forms:

BLMK Full Formulary Application Form - For new additions to the Formulary

BLMK Short Application Form - For amendments to existing drugs or addition of licensed drugs with low clinical risk

Please also submit Declaration of Interests Form and Agenda cover sheet with all applications

BLMK Declaration of Interests Form

BLMK Agenda cover sheet

Bedfordshire & Luton Wound Care Formulary Requests

Practitioners are expected to use dressings that are listed in the Formulary or to have a valid rationale if another is chosen.

Applications for dressings to be added to the Formulary are accepted from Practitioners who work in the constituent organisations. Applications are required to make the case that a new addition is:

  • cost-effective
  • an advantage over existing products

Please contact for a proposal form.

Useful Documents:

CCS Infant formula guidelines (November 2019) (1)

Luton & Beds ONS Prescribing Guidelines 2019. Updated Oct 2019 with Bedford Hospital

If the papers you require are not here, please contact the Medicines Management Team: or 01525 624 375

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