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List of Medicines

List of Medicines
List of participating pharmacies
List of medicines

List of Medicines

Prescription requirements for Controlled Drugs
Pharmacists are not allowed to dispense a CD unless all the information required by law is given. For further guidance refer to the BNF; Guidance on Prescribing - Controlled Drugs and Drug dependance (can be found in the front section of the BNF).

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Drugs
Currently controlled drugs cannot be transmitted electronically, however this function will be available once clinical systems in pharmacies and surgeries have been updated.

List of Palliative care drugs to be kept in stock by participating pharmacies from APRIL 2021


Pain Morphine sulphate injection 10mg 20 ampoules
Morphine sulphate injection 30mg 20 ampoules
Anxiety, delirium, agitation Midazolam 10mg/2mL injection 20 ampoules
Diazepam 10mg/2.5 mL rectal solution 2x 5 tubes
Haloperidol 5mg/1mL injection 20 ampoules
Nausea and vomiting Cyclizine 50mg/mL injection 20 ampoules
Metoclopramide injection 5mg/ml 20 ampoules
Levomepromazine hydrochloride 25mg/1mL injection 20 x 1mL ampoules
Spasm - biliary colic Hyoscine butylbromide 20mg/1mL injection 20 x 2mL ampoules
Noisy respiratory secretions Glycopyrronium 200 micrograms/1mL injection 20 x 1ml ampoules
Miscellaneous Water for injection 10ml 40 ampoules




If the papers you require are not here, please contact the Medicines Management Team: or 01525 624 375

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