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Care Homes Homely Remedies

Care Homes Homely Remedies and First Dressings Scheme

A homely remedy is a medicinal preparation used to treat minor ailments, which can be bought over the counter and does not require a prescription. These "homely remedy" products are kept in a Care Home to allow access to products which would commonly be available in any household.

The First Dressings Scheme is to enable a nurse in a care home setting to safely cover a wound as a first aid measure using an appropriate dressing;  this may include, but is not limited to, the initial treatment of pressure ulcers.  Any complex, non-healing wounds should be referred to the Tissue Viability Nursing teams.


BLMK CCG Homely Remedies Toolkit - Dec 2020

First Dressings scheme for use within Nursing Homes - Dec 2020

Useful links and pathways on the Wound Care Formulary site

If the papers you require are not here, please contact the Medicines Management Team: or 01525 624 375

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